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    Paint together, miles apart

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     With Box  of  Art,  artist  Blaire  Brown,  will  ship your materials  and  host  a  virtual painting  party  with  your  friends.  All classes will be conducted through Zoom . Your  Box  of  Art   will  include  an 8x10 canvas,  entire set of paints,  brushes,  an  apron  and  paint  palette.  Shipping  and  taxes  are  included  in  the  $40 cost  per  painter.  With Box of Art we can “Paint Together, miles apart”. 

    How Do I Book?

    To book your party, simply select which date and time slot you would like. Then just checkout in a few simple steps. Next, fill  out  our  contact  form  with  your  address so  we  can   ship you your Box of Art.  Be  on  the  lookout  for  your  Zoom  meeting  invitation  from  Blaire  and  don’t  forget  to  download  the  Zoom  app!

    Where is the Party?

    As long as you live in the state of Louisiana or Texas, Box of Art is ready to hold a party with you! Your painting party will be held  safely at home on guests’ computers. Each guest will be able to join in for their zoom session. Daily parties are open tp the public with a max of 25 students. Private parties are available for the same cost. Just email us to set it up! 

    Can I chose a different painting?

    As long as no one else has signed up for your party date you may request a different painting. Do not be afraid to request a private party either for the same cost! 

    How do you get my address for shipping?

    If you scroll down, fill out the contact form with your name, party date and address! Once it is submitted and we have your party purchase can package your Box of Art and ship it to you within five days! 

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    Virtual Paint Party

    Blaire Brown,

    has  taught  art  for  over  five  years.  She  has  worked  with  children  as  young  as  two  and  adults  as  old  as  seventy.  Most  importantly,  she  cannot  wait  to  work  with  you!